42 or 60 lb injectors ?


Jun 26, 2006
I have a pretty stock GN with the hot wire Fuel pump upgrade ,. My injectors are original to the car . I am thinkng about and upgrage should I get 42 lbs or 60 . This is no race car ,. I would get the chip and inectors from turbo tweak . Please give your recommendations

I would also go with the 60lbs. There should not be any differance in performance with what you have. If you ever decide to go fast, that will be one less thing you have to worry about.
I already have a go fast car . Price matters for me an honestly the 42lbs are cheaper but I dont want to be cheap . Would there be a performance difference in installing the 60lbs
No performance difference. The performance difference is in the other go-fast parts that the bigger injectors will support.

42lb are good for 500 HP. You decide.....
The Bosch 42 or 42.5 lb. Limetop Ford Lightning injectors are a good running linear easy to program for injector.

Pricing shouldn't be that high either.

I got a good used set cheap from a reputable used parts seller on this board.


A much better option to 009's and perhaps not as costly as the 60's.

Eric Marshall Turbotweak as well as Full Throttle have great chips for them. :smile:
If your going to keep the car basically stock I agree with salvageV6, go with the Ford 42.5# injectors. I ran them for years...very good idle and street manners. :cool:
60's an dont look back ... i got 50's then they were to small got 60's an now i think they are too small
If you've only done the hot wire upgrade and not the fuel pump (it's not clear to me), you will need a bigger fuel pump than stock.
I did the hot wire and fuel pump . This car will never be anywhere near 500 hp . I just wanted to get new fuel injectors . this car as long as I own it will be stock . My friend GN has been all done up by Cotton and he does have a 10/11 second car but I dont want that
Save your money and put 42.5 on. Unless you plan on running a larger turbo 42.5 will give you plenty of fuel for what you will need even if you upgrade to a TA49 or TE44.
The 42.5 will look closer to stock and be just fine. I had a set and they did great.

I believe the 60 are still small (thin) looking and will be noticable when changed. If not concerned with stock looking injectors 60s be fine with a matching chip

I would just ask Eric at Turbotweak about the set up and go on, He will steer you right.

60's or 40's

What it all comes down to, is that you want to keep your car fairly stock. Getting the 42lbs injector is not really going cheaper. I have 72lbs injector in my car and it runs great, but I started out with 42lbs and worked my way up to the 72lbs. Unlike you, I wanted my car to go faster. Since you do not want that, then I think going with the 42lbs injector should be good. Remember cheaper does not mean a poorer quality, just smaller
IF it runs good why change them? I would just get a turbotweak chip and leave it alone if you don't plan on any go fast parts. THe chip helps driveability for sure. Better throttle response also.
Here is what I want . I want my car to be faster than it is but I do not need to to be a 10 or 11 second car . I really dont want to change my car to far from stock . As I said I have a friend with a 10 second GN and when you look under the hood it is far from stock . That is great for him not what I want . Since I did the fuel pump and hot wire I figured the injectors and chip would be the next progression . I dont want to be cheap but I know I will never upgrage to the point I need 60lbs .
I figure after 23years its time for new injectors . I never thought about just doing the chip . You have helped me but made my decison a little more complicated .

My 50s are great with the alky added in. I agree with the other cats here however, I'd go 60s...matter of a fact, I'd just order a chip/inj set combo from eric.