5.0 Gt Tried Slingshotting Me


Nov 23, 2003
I left my shop last night coming home and noticed a black GT flying up on my back bumper:eek: . I knew in an instant who it was, It was a guy that had been by my body shop a while back that was a friend of my hired hand. I just had got my GN and I didn't know what it would do because I hadn't raced anyone yet and I tried to get this guy to run me for fun just to see what my GN would do. He said he would run me when he got his new tranny in. I said, Great! I found out later that this guy not only put a tranny in but also put a lot more stuff in it:rolleyes: He pulled back up to the shop the other day and man, The car was shaking the ground! I didn't say anything else about racing my STOCK!! ALL THE WAY DOWN TO THE AIR BOX ASSEMBLY GN. I knew I couldn't beat him. BOY WAS I EVER WRONG!! He tried slingshotting me last night and when his headlights got to my door I nailed it and I SMOKED his ground shakin GT!!:D :D Well now I feel pretty good since I got all that off my chest. Hope you guys enjoyed the story.:D
Ground shakers...

I'm pretty sure we in the TR community can be trusted to know the signature sound of any mustang by merely closing our eyes. esp nowadays with the easy availability of the 5.0's and newer 4.6's. I gotta admit though, always PREFERED my opponents to have that rattle your teeth flowmaster or lil/no muffler at all mustang growl. "loud" doesnt mean "fast" how many 10 sec TR's are there prowling the streets with exhaust so quiet you'd never know they were ready to hand you your head on a platter at a light? and to think you've only begun to realize the potential of your Quiet GN.
one of the coolest races i have seen at the strip was between one of the locall buick guys and a gen I camaro. the camaro sounded really healthy and extremely load; it was definitely a "ground shaker". the TR rolled up with his quiet exhaust, did the burnout, and waited for the camaro. the left and the TR ended up being almost a full second faster (it was like a 10.69 to his 11.47 or something like that). i was amazed.