5-speed SHO, 68 Mustang, Other Stuff


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May 26, 2001
So, I'm taking classes Monday nights about 15 miles from my house. 15 miles of 2-4 lane, stop-light ridden 50 MPH highway. My Ty is my daily driver, and I have great fun at all those stoplights all the way home. There's at least 10 of 'em and if I time it right I hit almost all of them (AWD turbo makes you pray for red lights).

So, tonight I'm in the GN. I had the usual skirmishes with people who take offense to the fact that you want to go 10-15 MPH over the limit. The first light I caught was with a Concorde on the left and a Celica GTS on the right. I'm in the middle. The car feels a little doggy off the line for some reason unless I wind it up against the brake a bit. Just a bit was wayyyy too much - spun all through 1st and 2nd but was way ahead of both of 'em. I wish I had that off idle. But if I spool it up just a bit before I go it's unbelievable - the tire spinning is like a light switch - I can turn it on and off with just a little throttle. I'm liking this new converter.

Next light put me behind a Taurus SHO in the left lane. It was a 1st gen 5-speed. Something slow was in the right lane. He blew by whatever was sitting there leaving me an opening. He shifted hard into 2nd (I saw the back drop). I passed him like he wasn't moving with the gap he left in the right lane. The next light he was behind me - I left him choking on my too-rich exhaust gasses. At the third light he was behind me again with a primer'd '68 Mustang 289 next to us in the right lane. It looked like it used to be gold and had stock rims, hub caps, and new tires. I didn't want to go up in smoke so I nailed it from idle and it started spinning about 20 feet into the intersection (I wish I knew why I can't spin 'em from idle). Even so, I was way ahead of the Stang, the SHO was fading fast but still ahead of the poor '68 Stang.

Next light, the 68 is gone, but the SHO is still behind me. Same story, but this time I was far enough ahead to get him caught at a red light that I made it through.

Not great kills, but typical of my Monday nights these days.

Good kills turbojimmy...

even if they weren't Viper and Vette kills;)... Oh yeah with all those stoplights you go through it defintely would be a lot of fun to have a Ty... awd and turbo power are always a plus going stoplight to stoplight:D