6.0L Turbo GN vs. modded EVO and RX-7 w/vids


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Went out friday and got a few races. Ran an Evo 8 twice, mods were:
Borg Warner S256 turbo
tubular manifold
1000cc injectors
255 Walbro Fuel pump
Buschur Alchohol Injection (latest generation)
Halmann MBC
Koyo Radiator
Injen FMIC
Injen Intake
Injen TB exhaust (catless)
Magnaflo Muffler
272/272 HKS Cams
ARP Headstuds
AEM standalone
Exedy Cerametallic clutch
Team Rip Engineering full Transmission TSB update/upgrade
SS Braided clutch
He was running 25psi for both runs, I was running 9.5psi, and 12 degrees of timing, non-intercooled. first run:
YouTube - Evo vs Grand National
I launched and spun, it went right into 2nd gear and lugged along. He had a good launch, i let off at the 1/4, he gave up before hand. Camera is just past the 1/8th mile, as i was doing about 95-105 when i went by.
2nd run, he bogged the launch some, i launched harder this time, at 2100 and 1.5psi We ran out the 1/4, with me about 5 cars out.
YouTube - RX7 vs Grand National
Third run was against my friends RX-7, his mods are:
13b REW with large street port
big ass front mount
water injection
Haltec H-8 standalone
275-40/17 MT drag radials
4:11 gears
Turbo 2 5-speed trans
Car is 2650# with him in it
I'm running same as before, he is at 18psi. He launches me hard, but misses 3rd, i was reeling him in quickly and was about 1/2 car back when he let out. Later he raced the EVO from 30-90 and they were dead even.
YouTube - Evo vs Grand National w/ an RX7

what ya think??
Yeah, your car seems like it could've ran circles around them and then laughed to tell about it later before they even had a chance to finish. ;)

Those were nice runs though. I'm sure they'll be humbled next time they think about racing the Grand National. Oh and, was there any $ on the line or was it just for fun?
well its low boost because its a 9.5:1 compression v8, and thats all it will take on pump gas. BTW, with 9.5 psi and 12 degrees of timing, its making 630hp at the crank, so its not like its slow or anything. and i can and did beat all of them handily. the rx7 was 1/2 car ahead when he missed third, and i was passing him pretty fast, had we went through the 1/4, i would have put about a car on him.
You should have put about 7 cars on em. a turbo v8? throw some alcohol on there, and bust a high ten. and make those guys never want to race another buick again. I dont know about you (its cuz i think the gn's were always popular around here, since they were built here) but on most days, I cant get a race to save my life. I'm like the little 7 year old thats already 5'9" 170 lbs, that noone wants to play basket ball with, cuz he keeps accidentally knockin em on the ground and sendin em to the hospital. When I cruise, all the other mustangs, camaros, wrx's and hondas always race each other in front of me, but noone ever lines up with me. It kinda sucks to be honest. You're lucky you can get races. I think someone around here in a buick has whooped these guys soo badly, noone will even attempt it. Especially when their girls with them.
yep, that pretty much sums it up. these are pretty much the first races ive had in the 2 years ive driven this car in this area. I raced a 03 cobra on the interstate in june, had a pulley, CAI, and catback on it. needless to say when i hit drive i let off cause i thought he missed a gear, i was that far ahead. And it will be faster next year, it was in pieces for a year and a half, so i dont feel like working on it till the snow flies. Plans for the winter are new manifolds and crossover, 13" disks in the front, 18" pro star XP's on the front, manual rack and pinion, dress up the engine with some paint/polish, front mount IC. More than likely i wont touch the motor yet, would rather do gears/spool/axles and 11" rear disks first.
Anyway, with the 60lb weight reduction off the front and the intercooler, i should be considerably faster. Likely around 700hp and 600tq, on pump gas :biggrin:
are you serious?! maybe i should so i can make less power than my (for now) stock 6.0L with a fully built 6 banger, dont think so. I did alot with the 6, but you can only go so far with limited displacement. The only reason my car is slow (yeah, 126 in the 1/4 is slow) is the converter. Its a stock 14", 1900 stall that weighs 73lbs. When i get around to buying a good one, i will knock 30lbs of rotating weight right off the crank, and knock about 1 full second off my 1/4 mile times, not to mention the gains from the weight alone. But i would rather have good brakes than a faster car at this point.
BTW, the 2 vids with the EVo CLEARLY show me winning, and the one with the RX7, i was passing him at about the 1/8th mile when he missed 3rd. Jesus i didnt think i would have to type this out so detailed on a site that has supposedly smart members
Not trying to sound rude but dude theres plenty of fully built buicks that will kill your eleven second or even 10 sec v8. Im pretty sure the world record holder for stock block is in the 8s.
Hey Gary, how do you like the 4L80E, and what are you using to control it? I have one in my sleeper 4DR and love it.

really lovin the 80e, not one slip or long shift yet, and im up at about 580-600 ftlbs and 650hp. Using the stock PCM and the entire trans is untouched as of yet.