1987 RX-7 with 86GN motor. (Cheap low 10 second car!)

Looking to step up into a Promod chassis. Asking $7500 for the car turn key as it sits. Car will come with matching Pro-star wheels as seen in last pic. Car has a clean FL title in my name. It is a salvage title. (theft recovery)

Also may be interested in trades. Nice daily driver truck or sport bike possibly. Let me know what you've got.

Build thread can be found below. This will include all the parts and “Good”. I’ll include the “BAD” below.

Added since the build thread below are 120lb injectors, new carbon clutch kit for the rearend and 3.08 gears. The car will cruise 50mph at 1900rpm. Nets around 20mpg on E85. Very easy street driven car. Trans is manual valve body power glide. I usually leave it in high gear and cruise. Always driven to and from the track! :D



I can take detailed pictures on request.

As you can see from the PIC it doesn't look to horrible from a good 5 steps back.
Paint is single stage and 5 years old. Car has always been garaged but has light surface scratches. No major dents or dings hail etc.
Light rust on the undercarriage/rear fenders/sunroof/hatch. Mainly surface rust.
Fenders have been rolled poorly. Slightly wavy in the front. Not too noticeable, paint slightly chipped and touched up.
The forward bumper cover does not fit perfectly.
No rear bumper, front bumper has been cut in center to allow air to radiator.
Factory front suspension with slip on coil over.
FWD wheel studs need to be longer! I use a spacer to offset the wheel and clear the caliper. I would not suggest racing the car until this is fixed. I gamble foolishly with my own life… not yours. (car has been this way for 5 years)
Rear Suspension
Grannys Speed 8.8 solid Rear with built up Trackloc and carbon clutches. ($2600 in parts alone for this kit!)

Poor at best! One of the biggest cosmetic issues on this car.
I bought a used grand national engine harness with a ton of butt splices 7 years ago for $50. Been using it ever since. Honestly this would be one of the first items I would replace. The wiring is atrocious. That being said I’ve been running the same harness for over 7 years without issue. But I warn you... it’s not pretty to look at!
The center console setup is pretty ugly as well. Again it was functional, I don’t really care about appearance.

-Drive quality
Very rough! This car drives like a go cart. It is light and has loose front suspension. This setup works great for drag racing. However it is no joy to drive on long hauls. Seats are bolted directly to the floor. I'm 6'4" and needed the head room.
Installed a Victoria British carpet kit that fit poorly. Small burn in the head liner from the cage install. Many interior rattles! Sound deadening is also removed.

The factory tach and fuel sending unit work. (fuel gauge is off ¼ tank) The rest of the gauges do not. I use a GPS to monitor MPH. (not included) Car will come the following gauges.
*PLX wideband
* cheap mechanical oil
*Cheap mechanical coolant
*Scan master II Buick diagnostic tool (google it, very useful gauge! Many functions. Monitors knock, RPM, coolant, all eng codes, and much more)

All working with the acception of the brights.
Used rachet shifter. Given to me as a gift with my glide purchase. It’s not pretty, but it’s been functional for years.

-ENGINE (231 CI V6 out of an 86 buick grand national) 72mm turbo at 28psi.
Last track visit was early Nov of this year. Car still clicking off 10.0x ¼ miles at 135-137. Pulled the filter this weekend. No material found. Great compression and oil pressure all around. Engine runs smooth.

3-4 months ago I dropped the pan because the engine munched the timing chain tensioner rubber. (noticed small black rubber pieces in oil filter) There was no bearing damage I could see. I replaced all rod/main bearings at this time with the acception of the aft main. (it is difficult to get to and they all looked great anyway)
All old bearings looked great with the acception of the thrust bearing. It had a minor record like texture. Assuming this was from the added load of the trans brake. FOr peace of mind I would have the crank turned/polished and install new oversized main bearings. Also I would replace the single timing chain with a double roller. I was told later that my single COMP timing chain required no tensioner. This is why it wore down the tensioner rubber. The heads are using the RJC SS "Bullet Proof" HG's. These are installed with a roll-on sealer. I would not suggest taking the heads off. As these kits are expensive.

I've ran the car several times this year. Runs great! Many 10.2x and 10.3x passes in this hot nasty weather with horrible DA. I believe with the right DA and temp the car could easily make a 9 second pass.

Vid before I rebuilt the track lok. Launches nice and straight now with cobra clutch pack.

Adam's Second launch








Also will include this 6" 100% fiberglass hood. This is a custom molded hood. From a guy out of Florida. His name was something odd like Bloomin Pzuuti? Very light weight. "Pin-on" only.


I've ran the car several times this year. Runs great! Many 10.2x and 20.3x passes in this hot nasty weather with horrible DA. I believe with the right DA and temp the car could easily make a 9 second pass.

Haha im assuming that it ran either a 10.3X or a 20.3X in reverse...Cool car and GLWS
If you still have the car give me a call 785-483-8053 im in Russell Ks. about 150 miles from ya. I can look at it this weekend. Thanks Kirk