60s and still a hotty...


Drunk? I'll Check. :)
Nov 19, 2002
Sorry have to post this.. Long story short my quido Uncle Tony is in a movie with Burt Reynolds and Raquel Welch. He sent me these pix and she is still a hotty.. Old but is kinda the Smokey and the Wheelchair these days but thought it was pretty cool and though I would share..

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WTF I was trying to fix a couple type-Os
Whenever I think of her I think of how awesome she looked as a (stacked) cavewoman in One Million Years B.C. Ohhhhh how I wanted to be a caveman if I could find her! Pretty much the ideal woman. She still looked good doing a bit on Mork & Mindy. Still looks really good for her age ($$$$).

Kinda makes you want to look at granny sex sites...:D