6262 update

john saleeby

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Aug 5, 2006
I bought a new 6262 DBB from Otto's Performance, had Mike Barnard paint the center and exhaust section and installed. The turbo had an unnatural whine which spelled trouble so I removed it and sent it back to PTE who discovered some debris in the center section.

PTE took care of me. Thank you PTE! Installed it and my friend Mike Barnard helped tune on Sunday October 28. We fixed a couple of oil leaks and Mike changed the plugs due to a spark gap that was too big (.037 to .040 on R43TS AC-Delco plugs) as it caused the car to hesitate when under full power.

Thank you Mike B!! The car runs super strong (23 pounds of boost with 10 % extra fuel programmed through the Turbo Tweak chip ie cushion for knock on the cold dair days) with no knock. The 2800 stall converter and PTE SLIC and this turbo are a Sweet combo!

PS. You folks that need bumper fillers SEE MIKE BARNARD !! His are killer and for the price there is no finer quality on the market. Be good to yourself!
I recently installed a 6262 JB and all I can say is wow what a difference. Can't wait to install the PTC converter I got from Dusty. That should really wake things up.
I wondered if you were still playing buicks?
glad to hear your combo is working so good for you,and that Mike helped you
dial it in.
was your election bid successful?
take care!
Hi Lee. Lost by 32 votes. Still playing with Buicks. Hope you are enjoying retirement and Arizona. You earned it.