66 skylark with 340 who's got an opinion?


Found one that needs a restore but is all there and was running when parked. All original except for the flippin dash was cut for a radio. I can get it cheap, stupid cheap. It needs both quarter lips patched, interior looks good but does show age. ALl the glass is good. It does need a driver's fender, front bumper, and maybe a hood. Floors look ok, but I couldn't get to the trunk. It has the 2 speed auto and I think the engine has to be a 340 because of aluminum heads and intake. No a/c. Bench seat. I'm thinking "project" after the we4 gets done. I'm allowed one more then thats it!
A '66 should have the 401 Nailhead in it. The 340 was only available in '67. What color is the motor?
yea, I had a 67 conv with a 340, and if I remember that was the first year you could get that motor. Great car, though turns heads everywhere.
I still say get it and put a Rover motor in and turbo it. Light and plenty of power and since the Rover is the old 215 Buick it would look right.
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Pretty sure its a 340. It was the first year for it. It has the header style manifolds and is the blue/green color. Anyway, another thing is if I get it I don't know what I want to do with it. Restore it, resto-mod it, or el cheapo restore and use it for a DD. It's not like its a GS so it probably isn't worth a whole lot