71 Chevelle 4 A NICE T TYPE


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Dec 27, 2008
STRIP OR STREET READY 358 CHEVY SMALL BLOCK WITH MOTOWN 220 CC HEADS PUTS OUT 480HP BEFORE YOU SPRAY THE NOS.HAS A TCI 400 TRANS WITH A 3600 STALL.FORD NINE INCH REAR WITH 390 GEARS.THE REAR END IS TUNED COSTING 4000.Well over 20,000 invested 8500 in the motor alone and the car has 576 miles since the build.This Chevelle was built to run a pro charger and nos.So all parts where selected for that reason.Send me a message if interested.4inch cowl hood with 10inch drag radials outback rapped around some all aluminum billet wheels. NICE TR'S ONLY PLEASE


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So do you like the '72 grille better than the '71 grille?

Looks nice. Where are you located?
How much no trade just pay and take it?? Have any inside photos?? What parts in the engine??
You say set up for a prochager and Spray?? Or one or the other?? What the compresion on the engine??