8 sec 89 Mustang LX Notch


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May 2, 2002
Hey guys.... will get much more info soon. I have a friend selling his white 89 Mustang notchback. It is a carbed 428 stroker 351 based engine with a Dart block, Bennett custom solid roller cam, AFR heads, stock suspension car. Rear is a girdled 8.8" with a spool and good (might me Moser) 33 spline (not real sure... I just know they are much bigger than stock) axles. Runs a Neal Chance converter in front of a Glide w/brake. It has the new MSD Digital 7 ignition. It has a full cage with Jaz front seats. It has full interior and glass. It is not far from a street car. All glass is there... radio... power windows...ect. Wilson manifolds 2 stage plate.... currently runing 175/175. Has cut some 1.2x 60' on 28x10.5's on 15 x Weld Draglite's with skinnys up front. It runs full exhaust with Kooks headers. It has run some 5.6x's in the 1/8 and some 8.8x's in the quarter. It looks great. He also has some drag radials that he has run. I think it went some 5.7x's on the drag radials. He also has some dyno sheets from a Mustang chassis dyno. He wants low 20's for the car. I am probably going to help him post some pics on a web page for those that are interested... and a more complete description. You won't be disappointed.
I have a friend who is very interested in this car. Is it still for sale? He is wanting a phone number where he can call on the car, as he has a few questions. You can pm me the number and I will give it to him.
The car is still available.... I just updated the page with new pics..... actually 3 pages of pics

I will get a detailed description of the parts list and see if I can get that up tonight.

8 second 89 Mustang Notch FORSALE

We are probably going to put it on the Corral soon. I am slow to get the pics in order..... :(
updated main web page


I updated the main page to include links to the videos and detailed specs. Car is on TurboMustangs website and soon to be on The Corral as well. Might look into the steelcitystangs website as well.



several calls..... no money yet..... can be shipped.... or even delivered if reasonably close.......
My friend still has this car. He has decided to keep it once or twice.... now he has asked me to bump it up once more...... new price.... 19k firm.