80lb inj.

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c n avoid87

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Mar 31, 2010
Looking for 80 lb inj. That would work with stock ecu.. Thanx. chip n inj combo would b nice. Pm me.
well, well, .... yesterday morning you said IN YOUR PM, you were sending payment for my modded ecm i have listed here, so i posted a pending sale on it, to be fair to you as first in line. you asked for my address which i gave you, and said you were sending payment that day,even gave you my phone number incase you needed to contact me for any reason, remember?.I HAVE YOUR PM, told you i would wait for money order and ship as soon as i got it for you.
its lookin like you didnt really send payment like you said, right? you are looking for injectors now you dont need a modded ecm for, right? nice move. no class...
you could have told me you were going to pass or changed your mind, or something, right? couldnt you have had the class to contact me at all so i could sell my ecm to someone that actually had some class, ive dealt with a lot of good buick brothers here, buying and selling over the years and only had a few people like you that jack some of us good people around.....grow a set and develop some character...dont ask about any parts i have, ever.
congradulations, you just made my ignore list, oh and i have a set of 80lb injectors, but you dont have enough money to buy them from me at any price, i feel better now.....
Ok..it is what it is, i told u what i had to tell u in pm.. If u want to make a circus out of it, b it.. Oooooh no plzzz dont ignore me.... Lol.. Plzzz grow the hell up..
Ok guys, knock it off. If you've got a personal issue then take it to PM's or email. This is the third time this week something like this has happened and it's just not worth it. This thread is closed!
Im going to start banning indiscriminately if this keeps up.
Not open for further replies.