'84 14-bolt oil pan


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Does the 14-bolt oil pan from a Gn have an internal baffle?
Also, is the gasket rim reinforced with steel like the 86-87

I'm building a Stage-1 and am wondering if I should convert
an 82 pan from a LeSabre to GN specs or if I can just buy
a pan with these features.


Depending how much money you want to spend . Moroso can make you a custom pan. Check out the web site "www.moroso.com" . The less expensive way would be to find one.

I have a chrome one, 14 bolt , but it has No baffle in it.
I was just curious if the OEM GN pan had the baffle and
strengthening material. An OEM pan is about $85 IIRC.

I guess I'll just make my own out of this LeSabre pan.
I already made the baffle and welded it in. I have about
1/4 of the support done.

It's kinda fun stuff anyways....cutting, grinding and welding. ;-)

This is only costing me time and the few dollars I spent on
the steel stock.

From what I have read, the baffles started in '82 on the Turbo V6. I have heard they were in some 4.1's as well.

I believe there are som good pictures on the www.gnttype.org site.
DOH! I completely forgot about the photo guide on the gnttype site. Thank you for reminding me. It has answered my questions.

Not satisfied with the stock baffle, I made my own full length louvered windage tray for an unbaffled pan. Just used cardboard to make a template, then cut some sheet metal with an air chisel, and spot welded it in. I added a Crane HI-6 ignition at the same time, but together, they got me 2 tenths. That was one of the higher "fun factor" projects. GB