84/85 blocks vs 86/87

Reason for Q is friend of mine gave me complete block(84) I would like to know diff, changes etc on block and heads from the hotairs to the 86/87

Oiling changes? redesigns? I keep seeing the term 109 is that a sought after stock block or custom?

Now if ya asked me about my chevy nickle block in my stinkray...lol

Please remember Im playing catch up at 40yrs old

So if the motor is worth tossing on stand to tear apart and do somthing with then its worth being in my way but a 40X40 garage gets crowded with 2 vettes and now this buick im drooling over as i look at all the goodies you fellas got:cool:

thanks for input

tornados/tons of rain tonight in Flint so no cruisin
Nice Vette..

Just had a gray/white one totalled-out about 3 weeks ago when the driver fell asleep at the wheel and crossed in to on-coming traffic. Hit an SUV. The shame of it all!:eek: :eek: Alcohol, he should have been spraying it, not drinking it!?:rolleyes: