84-85 Hot air Spearco Intercooler kit

Turbo Riviera

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These don't come up often, and this one has all the parts that are hard to find.

I bought this a while back and the prior owner welded the intake manifold adapter to the intake, I imagine for better flow through the restrictive stock intake. If you have a high HP motor, then this is probably the way you will want to go. I have the original Spearco adapter that has been cut back off the intake manifold, and is ready for you to weld back on. Or if you have a more moderate motor and don't want to weld the intake, then I have a steel adapter that I had machined that provides a stub that you can weld a "turn" onto that would go under the turbo compressor and connect to the spearco pipe. It has a flange installed for a blow off valve, if you decide to do a charge side throttle body instead of the stock vacuum side throttle body. This can easily be blocked off if you don't want to run the BOV. Kit comes with everything pictured. $550 + shipping.


Pics of the original Spearco intake manifold adapter (pictured on the right), and the piece I had machined (left)