84/85 Non Intercooled parts must go/sell!!!!!!


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84/85 non intercooled parts. Every thing must go. I have to much stuff laying around, make an offer. All these parts came off of a good running 54k mile 85 T-Type I converted to an 86/87 intercooler set up. You pay actual shipping & 3% if paying by Paypal. I live in Long Island, NY zip 11572, so check shipping ahead of time so you know!!!! I don’t get on the computer every day, so be patient with me. Mario

84/85 Wire harness $120 obo

84/85 Turbo complete with TB, wastegate, vacuum lines/block, bracket, exhst elbow and oil drain tube (minus IAC & housing). Surprisingly there is no shaft play. $300 obo

Pwr steering quick ratio gear box & pump. Fits 79-87G-body cars (pump 85 grand national, will separate). $50 obo

84/85 Intake with fuel rail, regulator and EGR (no injectors). $50 obo

84/85 Coil pack & module w/ bracket. $80 obo

84/85 MAF $40 obo

84/85 AC compressor w/line $50 obo

84/85 Alternator $20 obo
84/85 non intercooled parts!!!!



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84/85 non intercooled parts!!!



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Make offers!!!!!!!

Make offers, parts must go!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have many more parts not listed, including 86/87 intercooled parts.
AC Compressor

How long has the AC compressor been sitting? Was there anything wrong with it when you took it off? Are you incluidng both high and low pressure lines? What is shipping to 34431? Worried about seals might be dried up if its been sitting too long.
Condition of parts!!!

Car hasn’t been driven in about 10 years, but took all the parts off just last year and were kept inside the shop or in the trunk. Hence all the dust. Anyhow, the a/c system still held psi. as the freon had to be recycled. I’ll check to see if I have both lines and weight of compr. for ya.