84 AC Delco Radio, 3 Bottles ZDDP...


Vader Drives a GN
Mar 22, 2009
I have a stock OEM AC Delco radio out of a 1984 GN. It is in decent condition. I think the pictures make it look worse than it is...pretty much just dirty from being in the garage. Only one I saw on ebay was $80 so I guess I'll start it at $75.00 obo. Shipping is $10.

Also have 3 bottles of ZDDP. Asking $10.00 obo for each, or $25 for all three. Individual shipping will be $3; shipping for all 3 will be $5.

I only accept Paypal, and I will eat the 3%. I am not on the forums that much anymore, so please send me a PM or email ktrainhurricane@yahoo.com if you are interested. Thanks!

P.S. Also have an OEM Delco radio that came out of a 1998 Pontiac Formula Firebird, in case anyone is interested. Asking $30 obo for that one; shipping $10.


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would you take 20.00 for all three bottles of zdp i will pickem up am in lauderdale
who did you sell them to just want to know if you accepted the offer my #954-448-6154
also have an original spare rim + tire that someone can come get for $0.00 - just want it out of my patio...