Need Speaker Recommendation - Delco Radio, CD Player with EQ p/n: 16085434


May 5, 2004
I replaced my original radio with a Delco radio / CD player with EQ - p/n: 16085434 over 10 years ago. Now, I am needing to replace my rear speakers with some new 4x10's since one of these has gone bad . I have read our original rear speakers needed to be replaced 10 ohms speakers. Any idea what rear speakers with correct ohms I should get for this early 1990's Delco radio? I know almost nothing about car radios and speakers and would like to get something that will work correctly with the replaced Delco radio / CD player and sound good. Any information on what rear (I need these) and front (an improvement over stock) speakers would be appreciated.

Thanks, Craig
I used some Cerwin Vega 4X10 speakers in the rear, and some 3.5s I got at AutoZone. And a MTX powered subwoofer. I also have the GM Delco CD player with the EQ. Sounds good to me.