'84 Buick Grand National


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For sale is a 1984 Buick Grand National. I have owned this car for the past 6 years, since May 2009. I purchased this car out of Phoenix, AZ with 85k miles. The car currently has 97k miles, that works out to 2k miles per year since my ownership.

This car has been a California/Arizona car so there is NO RUST on this car. I had this car 22 months garaged in North Carolina while I was living there. I have had this car garaged in Texas since I moved here earlier this year.

The reason for the sale is to move on from these cars as I just purchased another project.

Car is currently running 23lbs of Boost on pump E85 Fuel. You can run 93 octane by swapping the chips in the computer but will need to lower boost to 17-18lbs.

Paint is original Laquer paint that has chips and scratches but still polishes up nice.
Front speaker tray is cracked. Small tears at the top of the rear seats. Steering wheel has wear at 12 O'clock. All cosmetic.

The Engine/Transmission was built by Nick Micale from www.ArizonaGN.Com on March 2013. I have put 2,800 miles on the car since the build. Below is the list of the build and what the car currently has. Engine was built to run consecutive mid/high 11s in the 1/4 mile.

Engine oil has been replaced with Valvoline VR1 Racing Oil + ZDDP Additive every 1,000 miles or 6 months. The Transmission fluid was changed with Dexron VI 1,800 miles ago after I swapped out the torque converter for a higher stall. Rear Differential Fluid was changed 1,600 miles ago with 75w-90 Gear Oil and a bottle of GM Limited Slip bottle. Power Steering fluid changed 200 miles ago with Fresh Power steering fluid. Brake Fluid was changed 200 miles ago with DOT 3 fluid. For Coolant I am running Distilled Water with RMI-25 and 20% anti-freeze.

*25526109 GM Block Decked/Surfaced with Torque Plate, Align Hone, Bore/Hone Cylinders
*Cast Crankshaft Polished
*206/206 Flat Tappet Hydraulic Camshaft
*100lbs Valve Springs
*0.030" TRW Forged Pistons
*2 Dot Rods Resized
*Ported and Polished 8445 Iron Heads/Intake
*80 LBS Injectors
*DW300 Fuel Pump (340 Liters Per Hour)
*Fuel Pump Hotwire
*3 Inch Terry Houston Downpipe with Y Pipe and Electric Exhaust Cut-Out
*2.5 Inch Mild Steel Dual Hookers Exhaust
*TA-49 Turbo built by Bison 58mm/57mm with .63 Garrett Exhaust Housing.
*Griffin 2 Row Aluminum Radiator
*Derale Dual Fans 4,000 CFM with Toggle Switch
*Turbo Tweak 6.1 Chip for 93 octane and one for E85
*AEM inline Wideband for tuning Air to Fuel Ratio
*Power Logger to Record and Tune with your laptop
*Scanmaster 2.2
*Stock Intercooler with Duttweiler Neck modification
*LS1 Mass Air Flow Sensor with Translator
*TA Performance Valve Covers
*RJC Power Plate

*10" Lock Up Converter stalled at 3k RPMs. Stalls at 2,400 RPMs at 0lbs of Boost.
*200R-4 Transmission built to handle 11.0 1/4 time slips.
*Shift Kit
*Hughes Deep Aluminum Transmission Pan

*3.42 Gears
*Limited Slip/Posi Traction (G80 Option)
*TA Performance Aluminum Cover

*LS1 Front Brakes. 12" Rotor with Dual Piston Calipers with 1300 miles
*Stainless Steel Braided Brake line up Front
*Drum Brakes on the rear
*Vacuum Brake System

*Bilstein Shocks/MOOG Springs on all 4 corners with 800 miles on them.
*Polyurethane Body Bushings with 1100 miles on them.
*Kirban Performance GNX rear seat brace. (Bar style)
*Front Frame Triangular brace.
*Boxed Rear Lower Control Arms
*Wheels are Kirban Performance GNX Reproduction 16" x 8".
*All 4 tires are 245/50/16 with 3k miles on them.

*Front seats are Summit Racing style seats that I purchased from Summit.
*Center Console Arm Rest/Cup Holders from GBodyParts.COM
*HIDs high and lo beam 4300k White light from Alradco
*LT4 Starter
*RJC Boost Controller
*Autometer Boost, Coolant temp, oil pressure gauge.
*Casper Electronic Knock Gauge.
*GBodyParts Oil feed line for Turbo.
*Jeep Steering Shaft
*External Oil Cooler
*External Transmission Fluid Cooler
*GBodyParts Black Spark Plug Wires

Asking price is $14,000.
Will take cash but if you decide to finance through your bank please be preapproved.
Here is the VIN 1G4AK479XEH617517.
Car has no liens and I have clear tittle in hand.

I can show the vehicle on the weekends but can make arrangements if you need to see it on the weekday. I live in Converse, TX.

Thank You.


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More photos.


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More photos


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Took the car out to let it run for a bit and I also recorded it with the Power Logger. Attached is the log of it running so you can see engine values. I also recorded a video with my phone, please select the 1080P option for better quality. Thank you.



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Purchaed a vehicle report.


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Took it out tonight to a car show.


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