Transmission fluid stinks


Oct 16, 2022
I hate to ask but I have a 1987 turbo Regal with 41000 miles on it. I have service records indicating that transmission maintenance has been done regularly however the transmission fluid smells bad. Not so much burnt but just stronger than regular fluid. I changed the fluid, and it still stinks. I figure it may have been hot at some point, but it drives and shifts flawlessly. I don't notice any slip and the shifts are smooth. Does the smell indicate severe damage or just some previous clutch heat?
I would not think the nose would be vary good tool to call a trans fluid bad, if it is working OK and is not black.
Today ATF could have some very odd additives to meat new manufacture demands and EPA standers.
The easiest/cheap method: Do an oil sample test.
Also, hold the farts until after you do the smell test.;)