new transmission?


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Nov 17, 2003
Still having problems with my 87 GN transmission after installing the CK Performance shift kit and servo. Chris sent me a new complete servo and then I got 2nd gear back for only about 10 miles. The fluid smells burnt so maybe I need a complete rebuild. But there may still be some internal issues affecting the 2nd gear or shift kit since it previously had an Art Carr kit.. Hard to find anyone local willing the take on the rebuild not know what else may be the problem.

SO I thinking instead of throwing more money into it with a rebuild, It may be better to purchase a new and strong build transmission to swap out. Thoughts or suggestions?

Who is my best source if I go that route?
Luckily for us in IL Jimmy's our 200 guru but you might want to get one from the big players and use yours as a back up etc. Tough game the 200 but when built right it can handle what most of us throw at it, just don't trust the local guys to find your issue unless proven.
Good advice everyone. I did talk to Dave. I already have his converter. I'll probably go that route for his standard plus tranny

My first thought is how did you measure the clearance on that servo when you installed it? What was the number?
The first servo I question if the clearance was done correctly. And the two half’s of that serve were so tight you could not separate them by hand.

The second one had a the correct fit : snug but could be separated. Per Chris it was installed with approx 0.125” travel with everything installed. A 1/8” rod was used as a guide. I double checked and that appears to be about what I have

However that was with a new unground pin on the longest length plus ALL the shims from the first and second servos so it took a fairly large stack of shims. That didn’t seem right. Why would that be.?
If the drum had been cut down it might have to be shimmed a lot. But .125 travel seems like a lot to me. I set it up with out the springs and seals to do the measuring between the cover and retaining ring. I like a feeler gauge or small piece of wire like I guess what you used. Then when I get what I want for clearance assemble with the seals n spring and air check it to make sure it applies and releases.