'84 GN Roller


May 24, 2001
Guys, please help me put a value on my '84 GN roller before I advertise it here. I know advertised items need a price and I'm not really qualified to put one on this. My storage on it will be gone soon, so I have to sell it. Texas title in hand. Here are the items that are already gone:

Lear Siegler seats
Front bumper and bumper shocks
Rear bumper and bumper shocks
Front molded facia and grill
All bumper fillers
Front fenders
Steering wheel & upper column
Rear spoiler
Exhaust system

Front spoiler and radiator shroud are detached, but I have them.

Thanks in advance.
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It looks like you have already sold anything of any value, if i were you I'd continue getting anything i could for what is left and junk it. I dont really see what i would consider a "roller" there. Most rollers are missing a drivetrain and possibly a few little other things, that one is never gonna be a drivable car again. Of course, just my opinion.
I don't know if i'd say never. The fact its a texas car makes it a good candidate for someone with a rust bucket 84 GN to save a lot of rust repair and still have a "real" GN. I know the majority of people think that no one restores a hot air but it's happening and more frequently as the years go on and intercooled stuff gets higher. Is the rear end still the 8.5 and is it a posi? Pics of the bottoms of the doors will help tremendously if they're clean as well as the trunk lip and floor pans etc. Saw the ad in parts for sale and I think its fair IF those items are present and usable.

Someone out there will see the glass as half full, if not to restore then maybe to cut sheet metal off of etc.
The rear end is an open 8.5, the one that I received it with.

I forgot to post the trunk label. Here it is:1984 GN Trunk Label2.jpg
I'll try to get door bottom pics tomorrow. As I recall, they aren't as clean as I had hoped. I'm not sure that I've personally been under the car. Maybe years ago...
I wish I had room to store things like this indoors, I was looking for this set up a couple of years ago but with t tops.. I would of paid a couple grand for a clean title. I had a flood branded title, GLWS

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