84 Grand National F/S

May 29, 2004
We have a 84 Grand National for sale. Or trade... (For the right car, of course).
It has 139k Miles as of now, and I have Current Pictures which can be sent, via email. It was ment to be a project car, and has come a long way. Here In Three Catagories, Will completly Describe the car. Here goes

The New, The Good, and The Bad....

The New,
- Stock Replacement Turbocharger, less than 18k mi.
- Complete Engine Replacement, 18-23k miles on it currently. Built by Jaspers.
$3,000.00 (Have recipt)
- New head Gaskets: $250.00 (including other stuff to get it done.)
- New Manifold to turbo pipe, 2.5" Mandral bent, $175.00!!!!!
- Reconditioned Pass Manifold.
- Reconditioned Drivers Manifold (Small exhaust leak on Drivers Side, think its the exhaust manifold gasket)
- New Horn
- New Bumper Fillers,
- New 3" Cat-Back Exhaust
- New Tires
- 30-0-30 Boost Gauge
- A/F Gauge
- Kenne Bell Chip (Unknown, was there when i bought it, seems to make it run rich, however greater performance over the stocker)
- New KYB Shocks.
- a Few other things that ive forgotten
- New Radiator cap (old one was bad leaked A/F)

The Good,
- Car runs excellent, no miss, sputter, hessitation, would make the trip if you came got it or I can meet you 1/2 way, within a reasonable distance.
- The car has a C.L.E.A.R. Title,
- The Car has a STRAIGHT body,
- The Car has NEVER been wrecked/Abused.
- The Car is ADULT Owned since first owner, (My Dad owns it)
- Three owner car,
- Fully Loaded w/o T-tops
- Ask for other stuff if i forgot it.

The Bad:
- I'll be honest with you, the paint aint the greatest, well, its about average for a 21 y/o car, this year it suffered from being keyed, twice... on both Rear 1/4th panels
- Interior needs the front seats redone, otherwise its nice
- Needs the Rear view mirror put on
- Needs Wheel Centercaps

The reason my dad is selling it, is because he has run out of money to put in it, and my other car got destroyed by water. (It got water in the Cold Air Intake, by driving thru a parking lot, YES A PARKING LOT with a drop off that was full of water....)

So Hes getting Rid of The Buick, My Old Eclipse, My Moms Eclipse, And Hes gonna HELP (means not pay for completly)me get a Nice car so i can travel back and fourth to college,
Mom wont let me drive her car, Dad wont let me drive the buick, So ive been driving our truck.

It needs some TLC, something EVERY grand national deserves.

The car is not yet for sale localy, I thought id offer it to someone in the buick community, someone who can respect the car, instead of some ricer that would throw a wing on it, ive told several people about it. the average price i usualy get from them is around $6,500.00.

A old guy offerd my dad $7,000.00 but didnt show the cash. so here we stand.

In exactaly, 1 week, (Tuesday, November 15th 2005 @ 5pm) This car will be on,... Ebay (until it sells for my price, or higher) Auto Trader, Cars.com, and every other classified i can think of. Untill it sells.

So here you go guys, have at er.

Cody McSwain, or Danny McSwain
1-573-318-5196, 1-573-450-2204
Cell............., Cell (Try to get ahold of me/house first as my dad sleeps days)
Home Phone: 1-573-264-3304

He really wants $7,000.00 but the price is Negotiable, pictures upon request.
Or trade for a 95-99 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX must be 5spd, must be CLEAN.
Dark Magnetta Gray (Perfered!) Black, Silver, Red, White.
Can NOT have TAN interior, Black/Gray two tone Interior Perfered, All Power, A/C, and leather.

Or mabey a 96-98 Mustang Cobra Coupe, 5spd, Black on Black Leather.
Thanks alot guys!
Alright, hes willing to accept $6,000.00 obo car needs to go.

Or Trade for 95-99 Eclipse GSX in Great Condition
Or Trade for 96-98 Mustang Cobra In Good Condition
Or Trade for 90-91 Eclipse GSX in great condition + $3,000.00