84 intercooled, finally done


Nov 15, 2008
Well I finally got it done right, it took months to get it done, but with trail and error, lot of error, I finally got it on the road, runs way better then expect, with some fine tuning, it should haul butt, I got some pics today, I hope people don't get offended for me posting this, and I apologize for the conversion, was it worth it, let me tell you, it was.


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Where else would I have posted it! Lol, it still has pretty everything like a hot air, except for intercooler, I like people's reactions when they walk over and look at it, with confused looks, it's like wtf, the turbo sits on the back, and with an intercooler, I like the conversation.
GREAT Job. I guess you did figure out what the problem was. It is a easy conversion and if you decided to go back to hot air, take the intercooler out and run the tubing back to the throttle body. Best thing about doing it is it moves the throttle body off the turbo and it gets better response...
I just want to thank you for all your help, and yes I found the problem. that intake I bought with the piping was the problem, had a leak on the weld, just ended up by and 87 intake and fuel rail, so much simplier, then fighting with the water outlet, and iac, and that fking miss it had, but now it's running nice, spooling is a little lagging, but beside that it runs real good, that 60mm turbo, might need a 3" downpipe, and stall?
Glad that I could be some help. That intake was a major headache from the start. You eliminated alot of headache by using the 87 intake. Even if you did not intercool, 87 intake is the way to go. It moves the throttle body off the turbo and it improves response. My first conversion was a Hot Air. We did not use a intercooler and sprayed alky and it was rock solid up to 21lbs. The owner got scared and backed it down to 18lbs. It ran like a scalded dog.
Wow, yea when it gets 10 lbs of boost, that car wants to take off, I got an alky kit on the syclone, that I want to take off and put it on the gn, and also a wideband that I need to install, where should I install the alky kit, location of nozzle, thanks
60mm turbo? What turbo is that? Depending on what turbo you have, you may need a 2800. The d5 84 GN Converter should have been fine. 3" inch downpipe should help... 2 1/2" if you cant find one...
You will not be able to maximize your set up unless you add headers, downpipe, injectors. Wideband would be good for tuning. EVEN THOUGH you have converted...... You STILL have a LOW TIMING car.... Get a 87 computer and chip burnt for 50, 63 or 80lb injectors. Eric at Turbo Tweak will need to know you combo. If you have the stock turbo, put it on and the lag should be gone...
Changing to an 87 intake & adding an IC was the 2 best things I ever did to improve the way
my HA cars run!
Yes it is! The intercooler was a plus, but the intake was a must, it runs so much smoother,