'84 T-Type in PNW F/S


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Dec 5, 2001
I have a decent '84 T-Type I would like to sell. Blue, blue interior. 125,000 miles, KB headers, KB converter, KB cold-air kit, new '87 coil conversion, FP reg., starter, reblt turbo, not sure what else. Front seat, drivers side starting to come apart, could use a new headliner at some point.

Wifes car, could use a tune-up maybe. Does get 25mpg on hwy. Tires and brakes are good. Car is from California, no rusty wheelwells or trunk.

We are in Eugene, OR. Delivery could be an option.

$3,000 obo.

Comes with exclusive "50/50" warranty.

emial: reno1@continet.com
Hey, is that the blue T-type I've seen around Eugene? If so, it's a decent car. I spoke with you when we "raced" by McDonalds, off the highway. It only beat our '87 cause ours is still factory stock. Had we known about yours, we may have purchased it instead. We paid $6,500 and need to spend more $$$ to get it right. Or sell it and buy a faster hot-air car for less than half the price.

Yours was quick, have any times to share? Have any offers yet?

I don't read this message board very often, I didn't know you had posted anything. Yes, I am the one who raced you last month. You don't normally see ladies owning a Buick Turbo. Find someone who knows about these cars and they should be able to fix yours right up.

And your right about a "hot air" car being a better deal than most intercooled cars. This car is faster than a stock IC Buick, and was about $3,000-$5,000 less when we were looking for an '86 or '87. You can do ALOT of add-ons for $3,000-$5,000!

You should attend some of the car events between Portland and Roseburg, you'd enjoy them. e-mail me direct: reno1@continet.com, as I said, I don't come to this site very often.

85 T-Type for Sale?

Is the 1985 T-Type still up for grabs; I live up in Bellingham, WA. Just came across this on a random search! Would ya take 2500.00$? Any more details on rig would be appreciated; yes, I already own a TR, 1987 Grand National, typical mods, so I know what I'm "getting into", (everybody warns about the dreaded "Hot-Airs"!). Thanx.