85 GN for sale, converted to Intercooled - San Diego, CA area


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Jul 5, 2004
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Figured I would post this on here. Bought another Buick, so this one has to go. Hate to do it, was my first turbo Buick, but have two others, so somethings got to give. I have had this car for almost ten years...

1985 Grand National, converted to Intercooled using 87 GN parts. Can run on regular pump gas or E85. Running e85 now, at sitting safely at 18-19 psi for daily driving. Last time at the track, without changing anything, (17-18 psi, DOT's, old plugs, not touching the chip, etc) it would still do ~12.70 1/4 times. Of course that was with like 3.x 60ft times as it wouldn't hook with DOT's. :) With drag radials it has done 1.8 60', which still could use some improvement.

This car is ready to drive anywhere. I have driven cross country in it, and it has never left me stranded.

114,xxx miles, although engine, trans, suspension, brakes, etc are all rebuilt.
Sportsroof (moon roof/sun roof), G-80 Posi, Cruise, Power windows, etc all works. AC needs recharged. (Converted to 134)
Rebuilt Engine with less than 20k. I just did new intake, oil pan, and valve covers as it had a tiny leak.
STD/STD Turbo cross drilled crank
Double roller timing set
TRW Forged pistons .030 over
Stock rods, polished beams, shot peened, ARP bolts
Plasma moly rings
Edelbrock 204/214 cam and lifters
New Comp springs, retainers, keepers
Hardened rocker arm shafts with RJC rocker braces
Extreme ported big valve heads. Epoxied floors to smooth/direct airflow
Head cut to use Felpro 1007 lockwire head gaskets (and I do use them)
ARP head bolts
Stock upper plenum, modified w/ epoxy and an aluminum plate curved to direct airflow
New water pump installed with new motor, 160 degree thermostat, hoses, clamps, etc
Brand new gear reduction mini starter installed January 2013.

200R4 (4 speed auto) Rebuilt about 15k ago “Bullet Proof” By Chance & Sons Transmissions in Haysville, KS (of Neal Chance Racing Transmissions/ Converters) (cost almost $3,000!)
Neal Chance converter 3,000 stall
Billet servo, good bands, clutches, etc
AN fittings and lines from trans to cooler
Drain bung welded w/plug in pan
Temp sender bung welded in pan
Just completed trans service in August

Rear end:
Moser Axles with longer wheel studs
Moser C-Clip eliminators
S-10 Rear wheel cylinders
Aluminum brake drums
Big brake pads (all 4 long pads, not short and long, to hold boost better)
Brand new braided stainless brake lines front and rear

Brand New 85 GN Center caps ($200!)
Polyurethane Body mounts (w/ extra GNX location bushings)
Front end completely rebuilt with polyurethane bushings throughout, new tie rods, ball joints, etc
HR Parts-n-Stuff Poly motor mounts
Boxed stock rear control arms (upper and lower) w/ poly bushings
Poly Rear end bushings

Precision TE-44 turbo, (58mm) Jet hot/ polished
Always run through Turbo saver remote oil filter (2 filters, always run WIX)
RJC Biggie oil filter adapter
Front mount intercooler (Eastern Performance)
Aluminum bumper supports front and rear
3” Metal MAF pipe
K&N filter
Alky Control progressive methanol injection
Terry Houston 3” down pipe and test pipe (w/ cutout, or can install cat converter for smog)
60 pound/hr MotoTron injectors from TurboTweak
TurboTweak Chips (91, alky/ 91, E85)
Kirbans adjustable fuel pressure regulator
Hotwired 340 Walbro from Racetronix
Flexible rubber lines in rear replaced with AN fittings and hose, with inline cleanable fuel filter
Pypes Stainless steel dual exhaust 2 ½” Installed October 2012
Dual air bags in rear springs (independent air control for launch)
Line lock on switch panel in ash tray
Dual Ramchargers electric fans, switched at the ash tray
ALRADCO HID lights (amazing!!!)
Brand new Recaro bucket seats, recovered in GN fabric, with Turbo 6 embroidered (have stock seats if you want them too) Recaro's were about $1,200
3 3/4” Autometer Sportcomp tachometer
2 1/16” Stewart Warner Max Performance Oil pressure gauge in console pod
2 1/16” Autometer Sportcomp water temp gauge in console pod
2 1/16” Autometer Sportcomp boost gauge in A pillar pod
2 1/16” Caspers Knock gauge in A pillar pod
Pioneer CD player w/ flip down/removable faceplate, w/ipod input
Pioneer speakers in doors, hatch, etc.
New NOS shifter handle
New bumper fillers front and rear
Stay down fuel door

Huge box of receipts. I kept receipts from everything I bought pretty much. Last I looked there were even gas receipts from road trips I had to weed out… All receipts and instructions from everything I purchased.

Right now it needs:
- Needs tires (price reflects this; will let you decide on tires, because I have the stock wheels as pictured which are 15x7, plus a set of GNX style 16x8 wheels that I could sell as well with the car)
- Has quarter/nickel sized rust in door bottoms. Easy fix
- Needs door pull strap screws/retainers put back in. Need to remove door panel to fix, just haven't had time.
- Underhood pad is pretty ugly
- Carpet is faded and some wear on it. Could be replaced and make the interior very nice

This car will drive anywhere. I would have no issues jumping in it and driving it cross country again. You could seriously fly into San Diego, drive it home.

I have it listed for $9,000 obo on Craigslist. I am shooting high. :)

Any questions, let me know.

I have some spare stuff I may let go with the car:
GNX wheels (all 4 fronts), with 2 set of caps, with turbo 6 emblems
back seat braces, front frame braces, Scanmaster, door hinge rebuilt kits and spare hinges, new astroroof seal, misc hoses, etc, etc, etc.
View attachment 181338
Thanks man, they are wickedly comfortable! Great for pushing the car through an on ramp or off ramp or sharp curve. :)
them seats are sweet

Thanks, they are very nice! I considered putting them in my 87 GN, but it has aluminum Kirkeys since it is a race car, and my new buy is a T Type so they don't match... I will keep an eye out for another set to put in my T. ;)
I am intrested would like to see some pictures of the dash the carpet the moon roof the trunk! Hows the paint?

Thanks in advance for the info!
I am intrested would like to see some pictures of the dash the carpet the moon roof the trunk! Hows the paint?

Thanks in advance for the info!

Dash and trunk are good, moon roof is good too. If I use a pressure washer sometimes I get a little drip or two from the moon roof, but I have a brand new weatherstrip for it from GBodyparts (~$150+) that will come with the car. I haven't had time to put it in yet. Paint is pretty good for its age. It has been repainted sometime in its life and they did a pretty nice job. I just recently did a clay bar treatment to it to remove any surface crap, but if you want it really good a paint correction (buff and or wetsand/buff) would make it really, really nice.

Carpet is faded as you can see in the pic below, and it was on my list to replace. The are some nice carpets out there formed and all for $100-150.

I will get some pics of the trunk, it is all carpeted with the insert kit, but I will take some pics of everything. Let me know if there are any other pics you want, I will get them posted up.

Whats your best et on the quarter mile? Because you said you did a 1.80 60 foot but no final et?
gn_steve said:
Whats your best et on the quarter mile? Because you said you did a 1.80 60 foot but no final et?

Home track wanted us to stay as close to 13 sec as possible with no safety gear, but at the end of the day with dr's and no tune got around 12.74 at running about 18psi. Never touched the chip settings, etc. Not blazing fast, but decent. This was before alky, still using mostly stock stuff.
Carpet and trunk pics. Carpet is faded where not covered by a mat, and the pass foot well has a wear mark from the mat being in there. The carpet needs replaced to look nice, just never got around to it.

Trunk is carpeted all around with the inserts, and the piece over the spare could use a cleaning. It has been like that for a while, but like I said, just never put it as a priority as I wanted to replace it with one of those embroidered sets. Could be cleaned up and be fine. Under the carpet is very clean. No rust or damage, still has the nice thick black coating.
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Lots of interest but no dinero yet. I can hold the car with a deposit, but not for 2+ months. Yes, someone asked... :(