'85 Grand National in Colorado - $2700


Sep 19, 2005
I bought this car off ebay about this time last year. It was in decent shape and had a bit of restoration done to it. The previous owners had two GNs and sold them both off...one of them to me. I'm pretty sure they were members here as well. I have a bunch of print outs they had downloaded from this site for random technical questions. I keep meaning to get to fixing up the car and I just haven't had time. So maybe it should go to someone that can enjoy it.

They gave me all the paperwork on the car. Apparently this car was stolen at one time and then licensed as an '86 Regal. It's very obviously an '85 car though. The engine is the non-intercooled version, and no cyclops light...not sure what else to even look for. The car was looked at by SC police and the last owners were given permission to keep the car. (I have all the police reports on it). It seemed like a great deal to me. I just wanted a moderately inexpensive car to fix up, and I didn't care what the title said, just so long as I knew it was a GN. Of course, now I have decided to sell it, I probably should have cared more. Oh well. I tool it to the Buick dealer to see if they could tell me what the VIN on the frame was (the police documents have the original VIN listed and the altered VIN.) but they were unable to locate it. The Buick dealer said I could get it retitled as a GN if they could do a check on the VIN, but they couldn't find it. If you know where the VIN would be listed on the frame of an '85 GN, let me know and I'll take it to the dealer and have them check it. The car is legally licensed and titled as a Regal, and it can be insured and driven on the road. I have been driving it off and on for the past year.

Anyway, it's all stock as far as I know. They had done some restoring on it, and the paint still looks decent. The bumper inserts have all broken out though...man that was a terrible design from Buick. One other thing to note is that the sunroof had been sealed with some sort of sealant. I'm not sure how one would clear that, but that was the one thing I didn't know about the car before I drove all the way out there to get it. Not that big of a deal I suppose. The transmission shifts a bit hard between gears. Not sure what is causing that. There is also a slight leak in the power steering unit. When I first brought it home, I had a shop looking at the transmission shifting problem and they called me to tell me someone tried to drill the lock out on the passenger side. This screwed up the remote wiring, and now the trunk won't unlock (apparently the door locks had been replaced and the trunk lock was never rekeyed).

You guys probably know the stats on these but here they are...

85 Grand National
2,102 Produced
200 HP @ 4400 RPM
300 ft-lbs of torque at 2400 RPM

I'm especially interested in trading for a manual Honda Civic HX, and I will throw in some extra cash to cover the difference. I'm also willing to take a trade for a manual '89+ Honda Civic Hatchback, coupe, sedan or CRX with A/C or a manual '90+ Acura Integra. I might even be interested in a Del Sol. I also am interested in a Toyota Corolla, Paseo, or Tercel. The other reason I am selling the car is that I need to get something that gets really decent mileage. I have a 70 mile (each direction) after my move, and gas prices today are killing me in the truck. I'm not really interested in any other makes of car than what I have listed.

Well, that is everything I can think of. I'd rather leave too much information than not enough, so sorry about the volume-like detail about the car. If you are interested, please email me. I can also send a couple pics of the car as well. I don't have them hosted anywhere so I can just email them to you if interested. My email is StevenJHart@gmail.com. Or you can call me at 720-480-2234.

Thanks very much. Take care.