'85 T-Type timing chain replacement


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Nov 5, 2010


I want to replace the timing chain and sprockets my '85 T-Type. After referring to my Haynes manual, I'm a bit concerned about the removal of the harmonic balancer (torsional damper). I've gotten conflcting reports on the whole timing process. With the balancer, do I need a special puller (to keep the damper from falling into the block if dropped?) to accomplish this? Also, do I need a timing light or is correctly lining all the dots up sufficient? This is my first time messing with timing, period, and I want a better idea of how deep and difficult this project would be for a novice such as myself.

Any major concerns, guidelines, or tips will be much appreciated.
Timing Chain

What type of chain are you replacing with? do not need a timing light but you will have to set cam sensor timing I use a caspers tool you can do a search to find out how to do w/o a cam sensor tool. Nothing will fall into the block i have found most dampenors will come right off with a tap from a hammer but if its stubborn then a standard balancer puller will get it off. The dampenor will only go on one way...its keyed. The timing set will have marks on them some may have multiple marks on the crank sprocket...hence which timing chain set.
I thouroughly encourage cleaning the motor well with degreaser before you start. It is not a hard job but if this is your first time seek some hands on help, keep your parts together as you remove them it helps in re-assembly. you must also prime the oil pump when you get the cover back on.

Remember to have a timing cover gasket kit I also recommend to go to a roller cam button why you are in there. I always replace the oil pan gasket when doing this the timing cover is a pain to seperate from the block and will tear the existing gasket and the front portion replacement gasket that comes in the timing cover gasket set never works for me.
I checked out the caspers tool--thanks for that.

I want to use a roller chain; I heard with these I'm supposed to remove the chain tensioner, is that right? Just totally get rid of it?

So, cam button, gaskets, and cover? How specific are the cam buttons in relation to covers? I was looking online and do you think I should by an upgraded timing cover? and if I do that I may have to machine the cam button to for clearance?
Timing Chain

You can use the Edelbrock timing chain set #7829 Get it from G-body parts it is really inexspensive for a roller timing chain, when you order also order the roller cam button from them for that matter you can order everything you need or go to your local parts house for the gasket set. No, you do not use the tensioner W/ a roller timing chain.
How many miles on the car? Getting this far into the motor will allow you to inspect alot of things for wear so your grocery list could grow while in there. If you had good oil pressure i would reuse the stock cover.
About 150k on the car. I'm sure the list will grow; it's a project car. I wanted to get the timing out of the way because I've gotten most of the basic tune-up and preventive maintenance done already.
Timing Chain

OK, since you will be there I would also pull the intake Manifold and look at Lifters and Cam. That will also allow you to seal the top end up with new gaskets and give you piece of mind in regards to condition of valve train items. Depending on condition of cam and lifters you should go ahead and replace valve Springs.
Sounds like a good idea. I really need to rebuild the engine (and hope to when I get in a house--I live in an apartment right now) but especially wanted to get the timing done because the boost doesn't always engage. It's got a new chip, idler motor, o2 sensors, plugs, wires, etc. I talked to a few people and the consensus was that the timing might be slipping a gear or two. So we'll see.

Thanks so much for the help, both of you!