85 T-Type Timing Chain replacement


New Member
Nov 5, 2010

I want to replace the timing chain and sprockets my '85 T-Type. After referring to my Haynes manual, I'm a bit concerned about the removal of the harmonic balancer (torsional damper). I've gotten conflcting reports on the whole timing process. With the balancer, do I need a special puller (to keep the damper from falling in the block if dropped?) to accomplish this? Also, do I need a timing light or is correctly lining all the dots up sufficient? This is my first time messing with timing, period, and want a better idea of how deep and difficult this project would be for a novice such as myself.

Any major concerns, guidelines, or tips will be much appreciated.
post this in Hotair section, I have never done this myself but i don't think your gonna need a timing light tho. Let thoe other Hotair members tell you step by step, they are very helpful.