85 turbo oil return line sealing!

Tampa T-Type

New Member
Jul 17, 2005
Any tricks on sealing th oil return line on a hot air. It mounts like a Pvc valve seems a little prone to leak.
Does it look prone to leaking, or is yours leaking? If it is installed correctly (seated in nice and deep), isn't cracked from being flexed too much, and the top two bolt gasket is good, it shouldn't leak... Of course, mine never ran enough to leak... :mad:
Over time the grommet may have hardened, head for the local parts store and pick up a new one. Also check the angle of the turbo (if it's recently been off). We do have a couple '84-5 oil return line on the shelf if you need one. We had them made many years ago and only have 1 or 2 left.

Hope this helps.