86,87 gn inter fenders both sides

Metal or plastic inner fender, or both? I have both metals but the plastics are bad.
Sorry for being so hasty, the 2 inner panels I have here are both for the driver's side.:confused:

One is very good, but has 4 1/4" holes drilled near where the washer bottle sits, other has a few drilled holes and is also cracked on the aft side of the wheel opening.

I removed a set from a GN race car project car, and hopefully the pass side panel is at the fabricator's garage?:eek:

Will check tomorrow.
in case anybody doesn't know both sides are turbo car specific. the driver side is diffrent where the stock airbox goes. i sold a NA regal one to somebody and found out the hard way. if your not running the stock airbox a NA one will work out fine. passenger side a lot diffrent.

i am sure a lot of people already know this but letting you know in case you didn't

I have 2 plastic ones off my 84 t-type. I'm not sure if there's a difference between the years or not. I'm wanting $75 plus shipping for the pair. My guess shipping will be over $100 for something that big. I also have the metal inners for $60 plus shipping. Let me know if your interested.
I have a set if you haven't found them yet. Where are you located? Shipping could cost you more then the item it self, so look for someone local if at all possible!!!!!!