86 - 87 Service Manuals & OTC Monitor's

Here is a package deal of the year. Guy's there is right at $300 worth of parts here, get the whole package for $150 plus shipping. Rather than load up the board more, look at the pics. and PM me with any questions. I am selling this as a Package so Please don't ask for a certain part or parts. All the bolts and screws are all original GM. I am throwing in a nos GM piece as a surprise that's worth $45 to $50. It is not in the pics. Thanks Mike


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WOW, got my package deal from M233roller today and boy what a boat load of parts. And then he added the surprise and it fit my hand very well. It was not that damn lazy cat but a OEM shifter handle, I think? ( couldn't remember what was in package deal). There was so much in the box, but had a grand time going through the box. Brought a huge grin from me even though I had a very long day. How Buick stuff can lift your spirits. THANKS MIKE :notworthy: your a great guy!!
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