86 GN vs. Lotus


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This happened about 4 years ago in Atlanta, GA. It was on a Sunday morning just past daylight. I had an early tee time, clubs in the trunk. It was just cool enough for that extra little kick in the pants. I hopped on 400 going south and drifted over to the left lane cruising around 80. There was very little traffic on the road. Out of no where, a white car blew my doors off as he was de-accelerating. I bumped it up to around 100 and fell right in behind him. I eased up real close, close enough to see the small LOTUS letters on the back. I guess he thought I was the cops because when he looked in the rear view mirror and saw me on his tail, I thought he was going to run off the road. Well, he quickly got his stuff together and nailed it. Me, of course stayed right on his bumper. We accelerated until I was finally at full throttle to keep up until he hit a brick wall. It was like he hit his terminal velocity. Well I was pedaling then to not run up on him. We are going so fast that cars, dotted lines, everything is flying past like they are in reverse. My exit is coming up fast and I let out to get off. The first few holes of my golf game suffered pretty bad that morning due to me shaking from excitement. The first person I called was my friend who is also a master mechanic. He asked me why I did not pass him. I have asked myself that question 100 times since then. I should have drifted him and kept going. Mr. Lotus would have probably thought a Monte Carlo blew his doors on top end! He then asked me what the hel* I was doing going that fast with regular Futura tires that he had put on my car. I didn't think about that at the time. My car at the time ran 8.80's in the 1/8th with a 2.2 60' time. It could have been a kill if I would have only...........
He'd have one heck of a story to tell about the GN that he raced one morning on the hwy, and when the GN got next to him the pass side tire disintegrated at 135 and the GN rolled fifteen times
....pass side tire disintegrated at 135

I don't even want to think about that!!! It is a good idea for everyone to remember that picture before they make a top end run with regular rated tires. It seemed like the right thing to do at the time, but it could have easily turned into something really nasty. Better to learn it here than than out there on the road. I wonder how fast you could really go with an H rated tire. I know they are rated for 130 MPH, but I am sure there is a safety factor. I do not want to find out through experience though.
Speaking of speed ratings....

Last fall I raced a buddy of mine's '01 Mustang GT late at night in a top speed race....we tickled the 140 mph mark a couple of times (I was ahead during the whole time). But afterwards, when I sat back, basking in the glory of the victory, I realized how frikkin stoopid it was to do 120+ for extended period of time (10 mins or so) on SR (112 mph) speed rated Radial T/A's and NON-SPEED RATED (78 mph?) Touring T/A's.

It was quite a sobering thought when I realized what could have happened to me, my GN, and my best friend and his GT. Lotta fun but there's serious potential danger involved.

Thats the facts.

Thats one thing that gets me about racing.

Street racing, to me, isn't too bad, if your out far, where nobodies around, but just little things like this is what gets to me.

Its not stupidity, its just forgetfullness. I have raced before, and on non rated tires, and have gotten my truck to hit the govener at 99mph. And have driven on the freeway like this with non rated tires, and to think what could happen at that speed, especially in a truck.

It is really sobering to think, to forget little things like that, that could ulitimately cause something horrible.

I hate to think.......