'86 Grand National For Sale $8,490 (centrally located in Kansas City)


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1986 Buick Grand National For Sale @ $8,490
(centrally located in the U.S. in Kansas City)

I've owned this GN since 1988 and 17,000 miles. Current mileage is 128,500. Good mechanical condition and runs well. T-Tops, GNX-style full analog VDO instrument cluster, alarm system, distinctive appearance, many customizations to the interior and some to the exterior. Powertrain is pretty much 100% stock. Body and Paint is only a "20 footer" though with rust beginning along the lower rocker panels. Price includes all removed OEM parts, all service records, OEM Service Manual and Parts Manual.

Email Craig at KC86GN4sale@yahoo.com for a PDF flyer with more details and photos.

Please help me find a good home for my GN (e.g. someone who will be as into it as I was the first decade I owned it).

-Craig (in Kansas City)


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