87 Grand National Barn Find - For Sale


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Hello everyone, I will try and keep this from getting super wordy but I am getting transferred and sadly now have to sell my 87 Grand National. Car is located in Chattanooga, TN.

This car was an actual barn find from Texas. I knew of this car for almost a decade before they agreed to sell it to me. I also have a bunch of spare parts that will go with the car.

The good:
Car is complete - even has floor mats.
Car has minimal rust - only a small spot on the truck (in pic) and some surface underneath.
Have many extra parts - hood, front fenders, trim, grill, rear lights (2 sets), door sills, and more.

The Not so good:
Currently has a SBC w/ TH350 trans installed. I have the numbers matching engine and original trans (and trans mount).
Does run quite well but trans is slipping - granted it could just need fluid but haven't driven longer than trailer to driveway.
Brakes are like an on/off switch - so could need a new master cylinder.
Front tires don't hold air
Headliner is toast
Door panels could use some work - but everything is there and all the power items work.
Will need to be towed

I have all of the parts that came off the car when they did the engine swap except the original turbo. All plumbing, even all the hardware. The history of the car is about 8 years ago they had head gasket issues, took out the engine and it sat for about 4 years. To get back on the road they put in the SBC/TH350 and drove it about 100 miles then it sat till I got it. This car isn't far from being on the road.

Asking $7500 but accepting offers.

Any questions let me know. I have many more pics but it will only let me attach 10 pics.


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