86 T Type or 87 turbo limited


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Sep 1, 2008
I Have a chance to get a 87 turbo limited
But I currently own a 86 Regal T-Type t top. do I sell one and buy the other or just buy it an keep both,I also own an 85 ttype hard top.
Pic 1 blue 85 T type
Pic 2 ttop 86 t type
Pic 3 87 turbo limited (buying maybe)
What would you do.all run an drive.

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Nothing against hot air cars, but what Charles said is exactly what I would do.
Your pocket book will thank you later. Especially if you ever decide to sell one of the intercooled cars.
Just my O2's worth.

Thanks for the input. I'm feeling the same way.two cold airs beat a hot air anytime of the week.85 hotair with 90,000 miles blue on blue will be coming up if I get the limited.

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Another pic hate to part with it.

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Well, if ya just gotta have two; then I would choose the I/c cars too.

But, the simple solution would be to keep all three.

I know, I know, but I'm greedy like that. :)

You could always convert the 85 with an 86/87 donor car. And keep all 3. If not sell the 85 and keep the 86/87 cars.
Too each there own but why?
Shacking my head.

Before an after I need to fix this.
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