86'd the flows


Spent the last two days hacksawing off my '83's dual flowmaster exhaust. God I hate the sound of those mufflers:mad:
The bad thing was that whoever put the duals on welded the ENTIRE system together. They even welded it to the downpipe:mad: & there were two collars welded on before that from previous exh. systems.:rolleyes: Someone must have been very bored with thier welder.
Now I have to find some dumpster to toss this garbage in
I like the sound of the flowmaster, but it's not a good choice with turbo's. ...
My system is welded on too...it's the cheapest way to go....find some run down muff shop...have them cut out the cat and weld in new pipe. They ask no questions about needing a cat.
New exhuast is on my tado list. I want to run a 3" from the down pipe out, with a dump pipe
I love the sound of the Flows on a Buick, Did you get a boost increase out of them? I know they slow ya down. I love them on my car, but will change them someday.
Lose the folws on the turbo.

Flowmaster mufflers are not a good choose on turbo cars. I am running single 3" to the Y pipe thenit splits to dual 2 1/2" with Walker/Dynomax Mufflers. Awesome sound. Quiet and yet deep and throaty. Noticed an increase in power also. :D