'87 Buick Grand National for Sale (Illinois)


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May 6, 2023
Hey everyone, I was wondering if someone could help me with a for sale post I tried to put up yesterday morning for my '87 GN. I put together and tried to post the ad but received a message saying it had to be approved first before going public. It still doesn't look like it's been listed yet and I was hoping to get it up and running this weekend. Does anyone know how long that process usually takes or who a moderator of that category might be? Thanks!
Thanks everyone, let's try this again! Although not an easy decision, the time has come to sell the family Buick. The car has 141,618k miles put on in a pretty interesting fashion (acording to Carfax) with the first 125K by 1998 then the rest since then, but specific details are a little murky prior to 5 years ago as the last owner passed away. For years I honestly thought it only had 41k miles on it due to the great condition. Biggest selling point is its incredibly reliable. The car runs amazingly and I've driven it on multiple, few hundred mile trips around the midwest in the last few years no problem. I'll do my best to honestly list everything I know that has been done to it and hope the community might be able to help with filling in answers I don't know and getting this on to a new owner who will love and appreciate it as much as we have.

- DW300 fuel pump
- Racetronix wiring harness
- Spectra fuel tank
- Spectra fuel sender
- Upgraded vacuum brakes (have original brake booster)
- GN1 Performance radiator
- Custom 3" intake, ported aluminum inlet bell housing, and 9" K&N filter
- AC Delco water pump
- 160 degree thermostat
- NGK Sparkplugs
- Thrasher Chip
- Magnecor 10mm wires
- Borla single straight exhaust
- 3" aluminum uppipe
- Adjustable wastegate
- New heater core
- Driver's pillar with boost and RPM gauges
- Scanmaster G
- Oil pressure gauge
- New coolant and washer tanks
- Upgraded stereo and sub system
- Cooper Cobra tires w/ about 1k miles on them
- Generic fiberglass bumper fillers (have one original)
* Bonus spare bumper/front clip (good condition, but not as nice as one that is on)

- Beautiful paint which I assume to be original. Minor chipping on hood near wipers and small ripple on roof
- Pretty nice original interior and matts. Driver's seat has worn through a bit, passenger and back are great.
- Ceiling sagging a bit but hanging in there
- Gas gauge is a little finicky but mostly accurate
- Finicky turn signals but they do work. I think needs new relay
- Suspension upgrades but unsure of details
- Original electronic windows converted to manual
- NOS spare tire, no orignal jack but car does have one
- Will throw in floor jack and stands too










Selling for $30K or best offer and located in Chicagoland area. I am having a little trouble with pricing due to all the circumstances but feel this is a fair place to start the conversation compared to others on the market. Car is also kinda tucked away in storage so would really prefer serious buyers who can meet somewhere to look it over rather than a bunch of people asking if they can drive it around the block. Feel free to dm me to discuss more. Thanks all
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