WTB Complete top shelf built engine for 87 Grand National


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Mar 11, 2023
Looking for complete motor oil pan to intake. Ideally should be stroker motor built for power and reliability. Billet main caps , forged internals, aluminum ported heads , capable of 600hp+

Don’t have time to wait for something to be built so hoping someone has something done right that I can pickup ASAP.

Please message with specs , location and price.
Hello I was sent this by a long time member, I might have what you are looking for although not exact. It will make over 600hp.

The engine bored over stock block with forged internals.
-ECUGN from turbo tweak
-120lb injectors
-billet fuel rails
-72mm billet throttle body and plenum
-Precision turbo 6266
-Hellcat 525/hr pump with beefy wiring
-Turbo smart waste gate IWG75
-MAC valve waste gate
-KB4 SS headers and down pipe
-stand alone engine wiring harness
-billet rocker arms (heads need machining for this)
-all new sensors including cam sensor
-Roller lifters
-Flex fuel
All ARP hardware
Cam card

The member that I know of this website has a similar built to this and makes over 600hp. Let me know if you are interested. I’m in Colorado but might be driving out to Chicago Wed or Thursday.
Nitimer... If you want to do an ad, put it in the parts for sale section and add a price.