87 Buick Grand National for sale...


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Jun 28, 2004
I am selling a 1987 Buick Grand National with 19,596 original miles. garage Kept and has only seen the rain 1 time. Mods are.
-TE49 Turbo
-009 injectors
-Precision Front Mount Intercooler
-Reds Volt Booster(not on the car)
-3in Exhaust and downpipe
-Janice prepared Tranny wit Buick Club tourqe coverter
-High Volume fuel pump XP Plus
-H&R Parts upper and lower control arms
-Dual Air bags
-Kenne Bell ram air
-Poston headers and crossover pipe
-Line Lock
-s10 wheel Cylinders bigger rear brake shoes
-Red Armstrong chips
-Kenne Bell Fp reg and gauge
-VDO boost water and oil gauges
-Kasper Knock sensor

I have almost everything to put the car stock except the stock exhaust and originals tires. I do have the original rims and extra computer altenator and misc electronic. Pics will be up shortly. Message me with any questions.

askin $25,000 obo selling due to medical reasons. car is in Amherst Ohio
Here the pics and another one that I hate to see for sale.This is a very nice original one owner car and original paint that looks great.


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randy u might be right to watch vince do so work. but i don,t think that honda worth it. if he would throw so money in then maybe;)
Still for Sale?

Is this car still for sale? I am in the Cleveland area and am very interested.


Yes as of yesterday it was. PM me your phone number and I will give it to Russ as he does.t come on here very often.
87 g n for sale

car is still for sale. priced at 24000.00 frim car goes with ever thing i have for it. thanks