87 Buick Grand National. Low mileage and tasteful mods


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Oct 14, 2009
I'm selling this for a friend. The car is one of the cleanest and nicest Grand National's I've seen. With 70k original miles, the car looks new, top to bottom. Never has had any rust, and the paint shines like new with no scratches or dings. Price is $31k, obo.

Here are a few photos and a short list of mods. There are many more goodies but I won't be able to remember all tonight.

Rebuilt 3.8 bored .030 with billet main caps.
Diamond forged pistons
Champion ported irons
Champion ported intake
218/212 hydraulic roller cam and roller lifters
Alky injection
Precision 6265 dual ball bearing turbo
2004r built by Extreme Automatics
Billet 9 1/2 converter
60# injectors
Turbo tweak chip setup for 22# boost
GN1 Performance Extreme front mount intercooler
Be Cool 3 inch aluminum radiator with dual fans
3 1/2 stainless downpipe with electric dump
Hurst line lock
Richmond 3.73 gears
Hooker 2 1/2 stainless exhaust
Centerline Telstar rims
Hotchkis lower control arms and sway bar
Bailey's 2-step rev limiter
AEM digital wideband
Mickey Thompson 275/50 drag radials

Car was dynoed at 525HP to the rear wheels at only 19# boost. Car is located in Florida.

C64Demo 016.JPG

C64Demo 032.JPG

C64Demo 004.JPG

C64Demo 002.JPG

C64Demo 035.JPG
Deposit received, so I am going to say CAR IS SOLD. Thank you and he is very excited that he can now take his dream trip to France.