87 ecm


pimp romeo
May 31, 2001
I got no responces in the ECM are so I will ask it here.
I have a few questions regarding a conversion to an 87 ECM in my 84 t-tye. First off, can I get the ECM at a GM dealer?, how much $ is it?, how do I make the switch?, can I expect any performance out of it? Thank you for your help.
I got my 87 ecm for the parts for sale on here for 40-50.00. Going to change mine this weekend.got to get the 87MAF and MAT sensor.

good luck
Hi Marc

can I expect any performance out of it

I don't know much about the conversion except I'm pretty sure the main reason you'd want to do it would be for more data with a scantool. The 84/85 ecm gives up pretty much nothing in road mode (but still enough to tune! -- knock retard and O2). I tried my turbolink on an 87 and got a crapload of info.

The other reason would be so you can use all the same fancy chips the 86/87 guys use... like Thrasher.

But as far as performance simply from switching over, I'd say you won't get any. But it's definitely a mod that would open up your options & possibilities.

how much $ is it?

I think you can get the ecm from a junkyard. Ask Craig on this one, but I think he told me the 87 GN ecm is the same in some other GM car.