87 GN complete Engine and Trans


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I bought these to do a hybrid swap. But it seems that, due to lack of time and funds, i would not be able to do the swap. :( So here is what i have for sale:
Engine is complete and it runs.It comes with every thing. Including the wiring harness and the ECU. It has a spearco intercooler( with pipes). No Fuel pump!
The Trans is an Arrt Carr 200r4 unit that has 9 inch convertor. I don't know the stall speed on the convertor though!
I am asking $3200. I live in Los Angeles, CA area.Email me with any questions.
Are you firm on that price? are either rebuilt, if so how long ago? Where in LA u located? What kind of condition are they in? thanks
I am not sure if any of them is rebuilt. I got them from a guy who had his car totaled-rear ended. Before the accident, every thing was working great! Also, i forgot to mention that the turbo is larger than stock and it has an external delta waste gate with an after market down pipe. The engine is in rosmead.