87 GN in DFW TX w/lots of mods

John Purdom

Aug 12, 2002
This is going to be a long read...
For any long-timers here in DFW that might know the car, I bought it from Jeff Komasko.
T-Top GN, Jeff had added GNX clone pieces but no fender flares.
7 years ago, I commissioned turbo-guru Bill Duke to build the powertrain for this car. Very soon after, I was diagnosed with prostate cancer, and to try to make this story as short as possible, the powertrain on this car can't have more than 200 miles on it. After my surgery I lost interest in my cars, and it's sat in my driveway under a cover since. The build: Original block, Eagle 4340 crank, rods, Wiseco forged pistons, comp 220/220 roller, GN1 aluminum heads, T&D roller rockers, TE66 turbo, 83 lb injectors, Precision intercooler, headers and downpipe, SMC alcohol injection, twin fuel pumps, manual valve body turbo 400, 4,000 stall converter, B&M shifter, Auburn posi, air bags, SS exhaust and lots of other bits I'm sure I'm forgetting. Again, this drivetrain can't have more than 200 miles on it. The MSD box/rev limiter I'd bought new a year prior to the build completion turned out to be bad and I wasn't going to risk winging it until that was resolved. (I'd learned the consequences of alcohol injection and the factory rev limiter on the old motor) In the meantime, as I said, I lost interest in my cars. I have a stroker-motored NOS Corvette in storage if you want to make a package deal...

For several years I kept the car running, driving it around the neighborhood with expired inspection and tags, but I've not started it for nearly 4 years. The tank should be drained/new gas, oil and batt should be all that's needed to fire it up.

The bad... Bill Duke had this car for 2 years, sitting outside his shop before the driveline went back in. In that time, primer overspray from his body shop got all over the car. Perhaps that would sand/buff off, perhaps not. The sun has done some damage to some of the upholstery and the bumper fillers. It has a 'soft' 5-6 hr dent in the left 1/4 and a small dent in the rt fender. I have a perfect rt GN fender for it.

I will work with a serious local buyer in terms of draining the tank, changing the oil and putting a batt in it to demonstrate that the engine runs perfectly. The engine looks as though it's been in a car kept outside, it's dusty, fasteners and aluminum parts need polishing, etc, but I assure you all this stuff was brand new and has no miles. We can pull a valve cover and a plug if you'd like a look inside. I'm an honest person. I'm going to take a hell of an ass-whoopin' on the money I have tied up in this car, I realize. I won't give the car away, but if you want a GN racer/street racer, putting this car right will be a fraction of what I have invested in the new powertrain.

I'd prefer to sell outright but will consider trades. I like '63 to '67 Rivs as well as Boattails, Pontiac GP's, Starfires, SS's and other cool cars of the 50's and 60's. Tell me what you have, I'm not a brand loyalist. Must be turn-key, I'm fine with a #2 driver. (Nothing modern or heavily modded.)

If interested, please contact me directly between the hours of noon and 8 P.M. central at 817-909-2434 or email me at rkclassic2112@hotmail.com