87 GN New drivetain


Well hard times financially have called for drastic measures, so, here it is...

I have owned the car for ~5 years now and have redone nearly everything you can do drive-train wise on it.

87 GN $9500
~6000 miles on new motor built by Paul Rogowski of SE turbo in Dallas Georgia
Forged pistons
ARP Head studs
Steel maincaps
Double roller timing chain
204-214 cam
New GM cam sensor
~5000 mi. on new built transmission by Mike Kurtz of Century Automotive in Texas.
TE60 turbo
3'' Terry Houston downpipe
SMC alcohol injection (20-21 psi on pump)
RJC powerplate
50 lb. injectors
F-body radiator
Adjustable fuel pressure reg.
Duttwiller big neck intercooler
3.5'' lsX MAF with trans+(allows for timing and fueling changes)
Walbro 340 fuel pump
Hotwire Kit
BIG oil cooler
Eric Marshall chip
Airbag adjustable rear shocks
0-30psi boost gauge
Air fuel meter
Full exhaust (flowmaster 40 series) with cutout.
Correct GTA wheels(4 fronts) Z rated fuzions 80-85% tread left all around
GNX fender flares
GNX side vents
GNX Badges
20% tint all around

Thats all I can think of as far as mods I have done I may have missed one or two but you get the point.

Now for what the car needs:
New powermaster or vacuum brake conversion ~$400
A/C Recharged (r134a)
Passenger power window rebuilt
Power door locks work intermittently
Could use both door weather stripping, no leaks just old and looks it
Seats need recovering, drivers seat mainly the others are ok but it wouldn't hurt.
Steering wheel is worn, not terrible but once again wouldn't hurt to replace

Also lastly, the car was hit in the wal-mart parking lot in madison back in 2004. Maybe 10 mph. Some woman on a cell phone pulled out and hit me on the drivers side quarter panel and left rear wheel snapping the axle. No frame damage or anything, only sheet metal and the rim/axle. So the car got a new quarter panel and complete rear end with a new g80 posi just like the one from the factory. Finally the car was painted from top to bottom by Craig's body shop in tanner. Paint has a few nicks and door dings(2). But it is a solid 10 foot car any day of the week...when it's clean:lol:


Will have more pics soon.