87 gn project

This is the last stinkin time let me know if it works permission settings were off, if not i'll quit beatin this dead horse. :biggrin:
project car

The link functions, as of 3 am on 12/11/05. lots of work to be done there. Keep the faith! Best luck..
That looks like it will be a lot of work? What are you planning on doing with all the rust? I hope you dont just slap some bondo over top and call it good cause that wont last for long.
Noooooooo if you look i cut out the rust and got a donor pillar arm from a cutlass supreme thats what is in the door jam area so i wouldn't have to form that metal which has quite a few creases in it , the door you see is from that same car, the old door was rotten to the core, this is like my third resto the 69 skylark, if you looked at it i did a ground up resto shes quite a looker and people have come up and told me how good she looks got a 455 with stage1 heads on her that was 2 yrs. ago i completed it, believe you me this will have no rust on it when finished and look as good as new, also if you look close i cut out the rust around t-top mouldings and replaced metal then fibered on top she ain't rustin there again also got new stainless moulding supprots to hold weatherstripping from gbody parts my bad better than gm intended. :biggrin:
I may not be drunk this new years but this d*** thing will have new paint on her, pics of completion to be posted. :biggrin:
clear just went on the end is near thank god, check it out last 4 pics just gotta do a little sanding and she's goin back together.
actually i'm in seffner real close to valrico just put brandon up cause more people know of it, anyhow i'm by wheeler and kingsway, when i get done with this converted rust bucket there is actually a few people close that we aught to meet somewhere close, i know of at least 5 ttypes or gns in this general area thats quite a few if you want my # pm me. ;)
That's AWESOME!!!!! Really looks like you did a good job. That's a lot of work! I'm picking up my first t-top car in a few weeks. :rolleyes: I think it has a little rust in the top area. I hope it's not bad because I sure don't have your skills. WISH I did! Good luck finishing it up, It'll look fantastic! :biggrin:
Thanks for the kind words its been h*** but it's almost over and then i'll enjoy her plus i have some friends who have experience that have really helped after this i'll help my friend finish his rally 350 cutlass i'll post pics on his project if there ain't much objections ;) .