87 gn slow drain

Thank you for all your help Guys. I really appreciate it. I’ll be dedicating today to chasing this drain down. Starting with the fan relay and the hood and trunk bulbs. Thanks!
Easiest way to find a drain is using an ammeter, start on the 10-20 A scale, work your way down to lower scales on the meter switch if necessary, and place it in series with the battery neg. cable. Then you know at the start of your search how much drain there really is, pull fuses one at a time until it goes away or starts diminishing as there could be more than one draw.
The 20A CIG/CLK fuse has most of the always powered stuff on it.
PS: Make sure you close the doors in the car when testing as the footwell and overhead lights draw a lot of current 2-5 Amps. most likely when ON.
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