87 GN with T-Tops For Sale


Jan 7, 2004
I have a 1987 GN that I have owned and babied for about 10 years. The car now has a blown head gasket on the passenger side. I can fix this head gasket or have it fixed; either way I'm moving on. The car has 89,000 original miles showing on the odometer, however the freshly built motor has about 5000 miles on it. This car is set up with quality parts because I have never cut corners or spared expense. It has a 109 block that was built by G&G in Houston TX. The car has a couple of rust bubbles on lower passenger door. I wrecked the car when I first got it, front cap only had to be replaced along with a complete new paint job for which I paid the difference. Fiberglass bumper fillers put in at this time on both front and rear. The car has a clean and clear title. It does have small chips and a few small scratches from normal wear and tear that would take a keen eye to notice. Other than that, I've described the condition of the car exterior the best that I can. Please keep in mind that I am very particular about the condition of my car and it was always kept in a garage. The inside of the car is in great shape other than two small wear spots on the passenger seat and on passenger floor carpet under the floor mat. The only other flaw in the car is that the gas gauge works intermittently. I just replaced the gas tank with a new gas tank and fuel sending unit, but the issue is in the speedo cluster. If you have questions concerning cause of head gasket issue read this link below because the car has a safe tune on it right now and this is my best guess at the moment and I didn't use washers. http://www.turbobuick.com/forums/th...uter-studs-under-valve-cover-too-long.366491/

I also have the original block and heads that will go with the car.

Eagle Crank w/ 2 center billet caps
TRW Pistons stock bore
Passenger side HR Motor mount
206/206 roller cam
Ported timing cover (about 2 years old)
Stock iron heads ported by Todd McKenzie (I have the flow sheet if needed)
ARP studs
Stock intake upper and lower also ported
Precision PT 6262 (polished)
Precision Stock Location Intercooler
Precision turbo saver kit
Aluminum Radiator from supporting vender
Intrepid Duel Fans with in car switch
3" Ceramic coated THDP with 2.5 hooker exhaust (mufflers are 2 weeks old)
60 lb injecters with TT 6.0 Alky Chip
AEM In Line Wideband
Not sure of name brand but it does have a FP regulator
Brand new Deatschwerks 300LPH fuel pump (Less than 2 months old)
Razors Alky Control Alky Kit (pump is less than 2 months old)
Power Logger & Scan Master with SM upgrade
Z-06 MAF with Translator
Caspers Audible knock detector
Power Master with Life time Warranty (O'Reilly's)
Brand new Taylor 409 plug wires
RJC Power Plate
RJC Rocker Shaft Supports
220 AMP Chrome alternator
Optima Battery (red top)
B Hoffer Tranny with Deep pan (probably one of his last ones)
PTC 2800 (about 6 months old)
Stock 342 rear end (rebuilt about a year ago)
Drive shaft loop
16" O.Z. Racing wheels with MT ET Streets on rear 255 60 16
Front tires are Falken 245 50 16 aggressive tire
Both rear air bags about six months old
Front slotted and drilled disc rotors
New silicon vacuum hoses everywhere

The car also has Kenwood CD player 2 Kicker 12's on old school Zeus AMP, Boston speakers to replace factory speakers and Sony 6x9's in the rear on a Kole 150.

I am asking $14,000 as is with the blown head gasket, but if I have repairs done, the car will be in the $15,000 price range. I am open to any and all reasonable offers and you can contact me on my cell # (337)515-3808. Please leave me a message/voice-mail if I do not answer and I will call you back. I am a shift worker, days/nights so I keep strange hours. I can also be reached by email me at dyer1170@att.com. I am looking to invest in a new project with funds gained from the sale of this car. I do not need to sell it, just feel it's time to move on, so please submit only reasonable offers.




This car is back up an running thanks to jpwalt! This car was dialed in perfectly but had non aspirated head gaskets on it that were put on by G&G. The car is now back on its feet and done right with Cometics head gaskets. Fuel injectors were sent off tested and verified to be in proper working order.

G&G's bad gaskets


New Cometics

Now going back together:



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