87 intake manifold & plenum swap.

Power plate would help..I don't have one though, but I mean if you want the stock location hit air turbo and also want to run the 87 intake manifold, I wouldn't see any other option but to shave down the plenum.

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I didn't drill a hole for my return line. I welded a bung to drain in back on my oil pan.



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Ignore the picture with the me holding the return line, didn't use that angle fitting.

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There's plenty of ways to get a hot air fast aside from cooled air

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I know there is but i would like to do a intercooler. I could always do water meth. But for the bang for the buck its less for me to intercool. I got the intercooler from a 87 free from my buddy and the other stuff for cheap.
I added an IC using an 87 intake and modified 87 upper plenum, similar to Chuck's set up.
I went to the trouble of getting the modified upper plenum flowed against the stock upper
plenum. The flow check showed NO flow penalty with the modification. I have been running
this setup on 2 of my cars for several years and have found no down side yet. Cars start better,
run better, run cooler, more responsive, more HP. I think it is an easy, worthwhile upgrade
myself and it would be easy to go back for the hot air purists. Just my $.02.
post a picture of your modified plenum. Help me understand how a shaved down plenum wouldn't have any effect of airflow. The plenum directs air. so by shaving it down and altering the shape of it, you are going to disturb the flow of air.
We did mine and the plenum is very deceiving. I don't have any pictures on me of mine. When I get home I'll take one. All it did was on the back part of the plenum bowl area you could call it. There's maybe a 2.5" x 1.5"flat spot. If you really wanted you could grind it down and make it round again
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Any of you guys have any track times with this set up. Im probably going to hit the track some time this summer. I've been building my Buick for a street setup but I want to see what times this set up can get me
Wow. I step away for a while, and look what I've missed. I didn't think there was enough room for the 87 upper plenum when I was the first way back in 2002 to do the 87 lower intake swap. Just recently acquired an 87 upper to modify in the near future for when my motor, which has been apart for years, will be returning to its rightful place. Also have been in process of doing the fwd roller cam swap into mine.

Well done, everyone.
Jim, you were the first one to try this and now look!!!!! I think your car would do well with the 87 intake.
My car did well, even with my custom upper plenum. 330hp/440tq at 16# with 91oct and a Joe Lubrant low timing street chip, most probably with a cam lobe going flat. A week after the chassis dyno, ran it at the track with same tank of gas and with an open dump on the first TH-style hotair 3" DP and street tires, it ran about a 13.5@ either 105 or 108, the time is here on the board somewhere. 27 mpg on the way to 2002 GS Nats.

Man, I've got to re-learn everything all over again, along with getting up to date with the newer tech that's come about in the last 5 yrs.

Recap for the newer guys, my setup...TA-51 w/PTE .63 housing, MSD 50s, Lubrant low timing chip, Neal Chance 2800stall l/u converter, CAS(DeQuick) V2 front mount IC, .030 over 109 block with steel center mains, TRW forged pistons, David Chase Stage Jr heads(CNC bowl work, no egr or heat crossover), 87 ecm, old cam CC206/206(during above dyno/track times), new cam CC212/212 roller...and probably some other stuff I'm forgetting.
Jim, now that you are re learning things, your car should go low 12's - high 11's with 87 intake. But the trade off will be ease to do regular maintenance....