87 intake manifold & plenum swap.


HI everyone., So I have been searching all day and have only found a few people who have done this. I know I have to drill the return line hole in the manifold to keep the stock location of the hot air. My main question is do I have to modify anything to make this work. I seen I would have to cut my upper plenum and modify it for the turbo. Is there any other modification I would need to do to the manifold to make this work. If you have one on your set up can you please help me out shed some light.
Thank you everyone
I have the whole 87 intake lower upper plenum 62mm tb. I am just going to swap the whole thing but leave ghee turbo on the stock location.
I put my turbo oil drain line into the back of the block instead of into the intake manifold. I drilled it out and threaded it. also shaved my plenum down and welded on a back plate just like all of these guys who have done similar mods and honestly looking at the plenum, I couldn't see how it wouldn't effect the air flow. I mean after all the only purpose of the upper plenum is to help direct the airflow