'87 Oil Pan


May 24, 2001
1-Pair of stock valve covers for the '86 to '87 Turbo Buick V-6 that are sooooper clean. I believe I also have the OEM Mounting Hardware - for this set which will be included - all for a smok'in deal of $50 + shipping. - SOLD -


One Oil Pan from a NA Buick V-6 which has been modified by installing a custom-made windage tray. I used this pan on one of my blocks for a couple of seasons - without issue. I will also include a "nice" used oil pick-up tube. Everything is VERY nice and clean - ready to install on your built short block. Perfect parts to allow you to “finish” that spare short block you may be building ($50.00 + shipping)

018.JPG 021.JPG
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I am even willing to personally deliver them to you - that is if you are not in a BIG hurry and can wait a week or two :)

That is if you meet me some morning off of I-75 (I assume you are in Lee County) - as my job takes me along the entire West Coast of Florida from just South of Tallahassee to Naples.
Sorry I sent my email before I read your reply no rush I can meet you for sure call me when your ready 239-872-4934 rob thanks
Sent you PM. You can give me 50 bucks when I am down your way - if that works for you?

This way - you can "inspect" them before-hand.

Tks, Ed